The majority of molecular oxygen,

due to its hydrophobic nature, is located in the lipid structures of our body – cellular membranes, lipid droplets/deposits and lipoproteins. When body tissue is damaged its lipids lose their integrity and ability to hold oxygen.

Carotenoids, which are present

in almost every part of our body, protect lipids from damage and are important in maintaining the level of oxygen in our tissues. All our products are in complexes with carotenoids, thus giving synergetic health benefits by supporting the level of lipid, cellular and tissue oxygen.

In addition, our carotenoid complexes are able to improve the bioavailability of other bioactive molecules and may facilitate their more targeted delivery to the tissue of organs which have affinity to carotenoids.

Scientific Advisory Board

The Lycopharma scientific advisory board, comprised of medical doctors, nutritionists and scientists, helps guide the company around the latest research and product innovation

Ivan M Petyaev

United Kingdom

IK-Kyung Jang
Professor, MD, PhD

Massachusetts General Hospital
Boston USA

Dennis Sandris Nielsen
Professor, PhD

University of Copenhagen

Wolfram Doehner
Professor, MD, PhD, FESC

Charite Virchow-Klinikum
Berlin, Germany

Alain Vuylsteke

Royal Papworth Hospital
United Kingdom