Lycovary® Daily is a new generation of a clinically validated highly bioavailable complex of nutrients to provide anti-ageing support of women’s health throughout their life.

One of the main roles of the ovaries is to produce important hormones which shape the development of the female body throughout life, from childhood to reproductive to postmenopausal times. They regulate a woman’s fertility function, immunity, cardiovascular and bone health.

Molecular oxygen is essential for any tissue in the body, including the ovaries and other female reproductive organs. Its supply gradually declines with age. However, this decline may be accelerated by negative lifestyle factors or be the result of inflammatory conditions.

Tissue oxygen deprivation may lead to disruption in synchronisation of the ovarian hormone cascade and consequently to complications in the physiology of a woman’s body, for example premenstrual syndrome, irregular or painful periods, discomforting menopausal symptoms or early osteoporosis. Lycovary® supports anti-ageing oxygenation for women’s ovarian health.

The product is available in two doses, the higher dose is for 50+ years.