LycoD3® is a new generation of a clinically validated nutrition complex targeting vitamin D3 activation.

Regardless of the origin of vitamin D3 in the body, whether it is produced in the skin or taken orally, it needs to be converted by an oxygen dependent reaction in the liver to a biologically active form. However, in elderly people, or those who have fatty liver, or are overweight or obese, this metabolic process is impaired.

In clinical trials on elderly and overweight people it was demonstrated that administration of LycoD3® provided a 4-5 times stronger increase in the blood concentration of the active form of vitamin D3 than after administration of a conventional supplement of vitamin D3.

LycoD3® supports the anti-ageing oxygenation of vitamin D3 activation process in all population groups with vitamin D deficiencies, and in particular in 60+ year olds and/or overweight or obese people.