Lycobrain® Daily is a highly bioavailable and clinically validated complex of nutrients to support brain health, cognitive and mental functions and also to support mood and emotional balance.

The brain is the most oxygen-demanding organ in our body. Oxygen tissue concentration gradually declines with age, and can be accelerated by negative lifestyle factors and pathologies affecting the nervous system.

In clinical trials on elderly people it was demonstrated that 250 mg of Lycobrain® Daily DHA Omega 3 is 10-16 times stronger than its conventional supplement products and 4–5 times more powerful than pharmaceutical Omega 3. This superiority translates into a much more efficient clinical efficacy of the product.
The increased bioavailability and targeted delivery reduces the side effects of traditional Omega 3 products. Lycobrain® Daily supports anti-ageing oxygenation for brain health.

The product is available in two doses, the higher dose is for 60+ years.