Lycofertilic® is a new generation of clinically validated DHA Omega 3 complex providing anti-ageing support for the ovarian reserve in women throughout their fertility years.

The ovarian reserve of women declines with age. This depletion is exacerbated by the development of metabolic disorders, obesity, diabetes or other pathologies leading to inflammatory processes in the pelvic organs. These processes, even on a subclinical asymptomatic level, are one of the main factors negatively affecting natural or artificial fertilisation processes and pregnancy.

In clinical trials it was demonstrated that 250 mg of Lycofertilic® DHA Omega 3 is 10-16 times stronger than its conventional supplement products and 4–5 times more powerful than pharmaceutical Omega 3. This superiority translates into a much more efficient clinical efficacy of the product.
The increased bioavailability and targeted delivery reduces the side effects of traditional Omega 3 products.



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